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1 Ring Jewelry is the go to place for education on all precious gemstones that exist.

The world of gemstones is a huge and fascinating area that is connected to so many things in your life.

Gemstones and Jewelry are used to give them to your loved ones and to show them your affection and love.

You have found information on gemstone birthstones, wedding anniversary stones, hardness of gemstones, name’s origin, deposits, mystical power, and healing ability of gemstones.

Gemstone jewelry has a special allure, in their infinite variety, their brilliant colors, their inner glow or their dazzling fire, have inspired mankind’s dreams since the beginning of time. For these gemstones, men down the ages traveled to the ends of the worlds they knew, endured incredible hardships, fought and died.

Gemstones jewelry have a special quality in energy, this can help you in a very gentle way. Many people believe gemstones, rocks and minerals can be seen as a very slow life form.

Here on this planet we are surrounded by petrified life that has been formed long before human beings counted for much, let alone that there were so many of us!

You have all the knowledge about the most fascinating pieces of jewelry and gemstones here at your disposal.

We consist of altogether 3 people who have made it their passion and vocation to educate people on all kinds of different gemstones!

David Brindley

David Brindley is the founder and CEO of 1ringjewelry.com

He is a local business consultant and found his passion for gemstones through his lovely wife Inka. She was the one is leading a successful local jewelry store and introduced David to the world of gemstones.

He also has a large gemstone collection in his house!

He has 4 children and enjoys going on a hike or preparing for his 3 yearly marathons that he is usually competing at.

David is a guy who is well known for making other people feel good around him!

Laura Campella

Laura Campella is a diamond consultant who used to to work for IGI diamond grading labs.

She is also a huge fan of Topaz gemstones and has around 50 Topaz gemstones in her own house.

She became interested in Topaz gemstones after her first boyfriend gave her some for her birthday present.

Laura is fun and light hearted and always to be had for a joke.

For 1 Ring Jewelry she mostly concentrates on gemstones that are not transparent.


Marco Rivelli

Marco Rivelli is a current contributor to the JCK Magazine.

His interests are particularly with the gold and silver industry.

He has a passion for ring designs which he might have got from his wife who is a CAD ring designer.

Unlike most people he considers simulant gemstones to be a viable option as long as they look good enough!

He is also an expert on diamond cut proportions and can tell you a lot about the right relationship between crown angles and pavilion angles and the like!

If you ever feel like you need any help please just contact us via contact@1ringjewelry.com.