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Our Whiteflash Diamonds Review!

Today we will have a closer look at Whiteflash diamonds.

Whiteflash is particularly well-known for their A Cut Above signature diamonds. Whiteflash has an excellent reputation when it comes to working with the most reputable diamond grading labs.

Why do Whiteflash diamonds have such a good reputation?

For one thing Whiteflash diamonds always come with an AGS Platinum Grading Report!

AGS Platinum Grading ReportAn AGS platinum grading report has the advantage that it provides very deep data on the light performance of a diamond. For instance it provides a computer generated ASET analysis. The ASET analysis of a diamond is very important in order to know where light gets lost and where it gets reflected back to the viewer.

In fact, only AGS is providing this kind of informaton in their gradings reports as opposed to GIA.

It is for this particular reason that Whiteflash is working with AGS for their signature cut diamonds.

How to choose a Whiteflash diamond?

Basically if you choose a signature A Cut Above diamond you will simply have to know that all of these diamonds are absolutely excellent. You will never find a bad A Cut Above signature diamond!

This is quite simply due to the fact that Whiteflash has very strict quality procedures in place that ensure that every chosen diamond only belongs to the very best of the best.

For this particular reason you will only find so-called super ideal cut diamonds. Super ideal cut diamonds that are within very specific proportions as far as the crown and pavilion angles are concerned!

In the graphic below you can see the typical proportions for super ideal cut diamonds:

Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

As all of Whiteflash’s signature diamonds are within these super ideal cut proportions it is very hard to distinguish between several diamonds.

In fact even diamond experts would have great difficulty to differentiate between two ACA diamonds. This is mainly due to the fact that in most diamonds you will find very similiar proportions. For instance you will only find diamonds with crown angles between 34 and 35 degrees. And you will also only find diamonds with pavilion angles between 40.6 degrees and 41.0 degrees.

This ensures that all Whiteflash diamonds have a maximum of fire, sparkle and scintillation and no light leakage at all!

Are Whiteflash diamonds expensive?

Considering how much you are actually getting as far as diamond quality is concerned it actually turns out that Whiteflash is not expensive at all!

Whiteflash is a truly great diamond vendor that is first focused on the best diamond cut and on the best diamond quality. It is only natural that such diamonds must be a premium product which demand a premium price.

But anyone who really knows something about diamonds also knows that Whiteflash diamonds are not expensive for the price that they go for.

Let us for instance have a look at the following Whiteflash diamond:

1.057ct Whiteflash diamondThis diamond has 1.057ct and looks really exceptional!

One can clearly make out the hearts and arrows patterning in the diamond!

A hearts and arrows pattern is basically nothing else than a pattern that indicates an enormous amount of symmetry in the diamond. From one side of the diamond you can see arrows and from the other side you can see hearts.

One trick of major diamond graders such as Brian Gavin is to only look at the hearts image of a diamond. This is due to the fact that a perfect hearts arrows can only exist when the arrows are just as perfect. And it is easier to see deviations and imperfections in the hearts image rather than in the arrows image.

If we have a look at this particular diamond above we will see that the symmetry is really astounding! But it is not only this one diamond above that has such an exceptional symmetry but in fact ALL of Whiteflash’s signature diamonds turn out to have such a symmetry!

Thus, if you are looking for the most high quality symmetrical diamonds Whiteflash is the right choice for you!

Diamond Symmetry vs Diamond Cut

One question diamond buyers very often have is whether the diamond symmetry or the diamond cut is more important for the perfect light performance of a diamond. In fact this is a very common misconception!

The diamond cut is actually the deciding factor in the light performance of a diamond! You have to be aware that it is the crown and pavilion angles that determine in which way the light is reflected within the diamond.

Thus, these proportions are really crucial for a diamond to sparkle very brilliantly.

The diamond symmetry however is much less of a deciding factor. A diamond could be quite unsymmetrical but it could still have the perfect crown and pavilion angles!

Such a diamond would still perform in an excellent way!

On the following picture you can see different diamonds with light leakage:

Shallow and Deep diamondsAs you can see a shallow or a deep diamond loses a lot of light. This will result in a diamond with a lot less brilliance and sparkle.

You can also see that the loss of light does not have anything to do with the diamond symmetry but rather with the specific crown and pavilion angles.

To be fair, diamond symmetry does play a minor role in evaluating light performance but it has a much smaller impact than people commonly think!

As Whiteflash diamonds all have an excellent diamond with the best super ideal cut crown and pavilion angles all Whiteflash diamonds perform very brilliantly!

Conclusion of our Whiteflash Review

As a conclusion it does have to be said that the quality of Whiteflash diamonds surprised us very much indeed!

The A Cut Above signature line does not only meet but it even surpasses the expectations that you might have towards such a superb diamond!

We think that you cannot do anyhing wrong with Whiteflash if you are truly committed to having a diamond with an ultra high quality in your possession.

If you want to know even more indepth information on Whiteflash please continue reading here.

Please don’t be shy to reach out to us if you have any further questions!